Euro Foods

Story About US

We are the leading Importers and Distributors of European Foodstuffs. We are also the sole importers and distributors of Bread Premixes from IREKS, Germany, Institutional Chocolates from Valrhona, France; Fruit Purees and IQF fruits from Les Vergers Boiron, France; Syrups from Giffard, France; T-55 flour from Super Chef, Turkey and our in-house brand Chef’s Choice Fruit fillings from Belgium in India.

World-class baking ingredients with a range of options for breads and improvers.

The Exports Division dealing with premium export products across the globe

A global leader in premium frozen fruit and puree range in almost 80 countries.

An entire range of syrups providing high quality and exotic flavours for chefs, mixologists and bakers.

Artisan chocolate of choice for top pastry chefs, home cooks, bakers and hotels around the world.

A home brand of premium range of fruit fillings, high-quality dates, dry fruits and a range of sugars for kitchens and bakeries.